Cara outside Dayglow in West Hollywood


I have been in the restaurant and bar business my entire life, I would even say that the service industry has raised me. My first restaurant job was as a dishwasher in a Mexican restaurant in Alabama. I have worked every job available in a restaurant from front to back of the house, including busser, waitress, bartender, line chef, and now chef. 
When I moved to Southern California almost 18 years ago, I continued to work as a bartender, (among other jobs) while figuring out my passion. Through my bartending connections, I was able to start working in some pretty cool kitchens, earning my chops as a line chef. After doing that for a while, I wanted to make the move to working for myself and cooking my own recipes, instead of someone else's. One of my bartending gigs, allowed me to start cooking on their patio once a week, and that's how I started. That was back in 2008...I started doing pop up restaurants, and eventually, came into my own, growing and building my brand, creating my hot sauce, and getting my name out there. 
Years later, I have been able to continue my pop up restaurants, as well as private catering and special events. Running my pop up restaurants brings me so much joy and allows me to be an active part of my community, which is super important to me. My goal has always been to create a positive southern vibe, a vibe that invites you in and reminds you of home. I'm constantly preaching community and the comfort that can be provided by a good meal and conversation. Come to one of my pop-ups, and you leave full and happy.
My style of food is definitely southern comfort foods, and I like to keep the classics, classic. I specialize in southern breakfast, fried chicken and biscuits, and of course, hot sauce and condiments. I love to make family-style meals that people can share. The hot sauce has become my baby, and I hope to have it available for everyone, everywhere to enjoy. Makings of a true hot sauce queen. 
My slogan is Keep Comin Home, and for me, that means, keep going back to the place that makes you the happiest. The kitchen with my family is that place for me, but it's different for everyone. Find yours, and keep going there.